Annual Meeting 2025 in Basel

      Growing up in the Digital Age

This year's meeting will be titled «Growing up in the digital Age» and will take place on January 21th and 22nd 2025 in Basel. The meeting will be jointly organized by the University of Basel, the Basel University Hospital for Children (UKBB) and theUniversity Psychiatric Clinics (UPK) Basel.


The rapid technological advances during the last decades have strongly impacted our modern life. We are surrounded by digital devices that facilitate our daily routines, connect us to an ever increasing globalized social network, and offers limitless entertainment. Today, modern technology is also an essential part of family life. However, research suggests that excessive digital media use in children aged 0 to 5 years, and screen use in particular, might have a negative impact on child development, including language, cognitive, motor, and socioemotional delays. Thus, the omnipresence of digital devices has raised concerns among early childhood professionals, parents, and the general public. But how does growing up in an increasingly digital world shape child development? Are the concerns justified? What are good family digital media habits? What role does digitalization play in institutions? How can guidelines and recommendations be communicated effectively to parents, educational institutions, and communities? What other factors related to digital media use should be considered?


Organizing Committee:
Prof. Dr. Alexander Grob I University of Basel
PD Dr. Noortje Vriends I University of Basel
PD Dr. Margarete Bolten I UPK & UKBB
Dr. Eva Unternaehrer I University of Basel
Prof. Dr. Andrea Lanfranchi I SSECR

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With kind regards on behalf of the Organizing Committee of the Annual Meeting