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New: Interviews from this year's Annual Meeting with Lieselotte Ahnert, Oskar Jenni and Andrea Lanfranchi from the HfH's Science Communication Department
#comebackstronger: This was the topic of this years annual meeting of the "Swiss Society for Early Childhood Research" (SSECR). "Research on early childhood is central and highly relevant to special education," says Andrea Lanfranchi, professor at the HfH and co-organiser of the SSECR Annual Meeting. Therefore, the HfH offers a platform for researchers from different countries to present their findings.
SSECR Junior Network – Writing Retreat: 14th-16th January 2022
We will hold the first official Writing Retreat of the SSECR Junior Network at the Lake Lucerne from 14th- 16th January 2022. The retreat is directed to all members of the SSECR Junior Network, and other interested PhD students within the field (Early Childhood Research).
Infos: Pre-Conference and Annual Meeting 2021
Dear Members and Friends of the SSECR    The Annual Meeting is about to take place. Attached you...
Pre-Conference and Annual Meeting 2021: Registration is open!
It has been long in the making, so we are delighted to announce that registration for the Pre-Conference and Third Annual Meeting of the Swiss Society of Early Childhood Research, themed "#comebackstronger", is now open.

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The vision of the Swiss Society for Early Childhood Research:

All children grow up in conditions that promote their well-being and in which they are able to develop in the best possible way from the very beginning.   

Some impressions of the launch of the society in 2018.