About Society

The Swiss Society for Early Childhood Research was founded in 2018. Its aim is to strengthen research in early childhood in Switzerland. It is a network consisting of researchers from various disciplines.  

Some impressions of the launch of the society in 2018.

The vision of the Swiss Society for Early Childhood Research:

All children grow up in conditions that promote their well-being and in which they are able to develop in the best possible way from the very beginning.

Purpose of the Society

The aim of the «Swiss Society for Early Childhood Research» is to strengthen the Swiss research field relating to young children. It is a network of researchers from various disciplines and has been set up as an society. The society will promote in particular:

  • the training of the next generation of researchers,

  • national and international networking,

  • the exchange and dissemination of information and knowledge,

  • dialogue between the disciplines, and

  • dialogue with the public.

Why early childhood research?  
Statements from the former committee members

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