Coffee/ Tea and Talk 

Online Meeting: Coffee/Tea and Talk

Our eigth session will take place on Friday April 29th 2022 at 13:00
Info on the concept of the meeting below ↓


Meeting-ID: 616 8839 9693
Kenncode: 117700

This time we will exchange our knowledge, questions and concerns regarding the publishing process. Nadine Itel will lead the discussion after a short introduction. On June 30th Prof. Dr. Moritz Daum form the SSECR-Committee will join us for the Coffee/Tea and Talk session so we will be able to direct the questions that remain open at him.

Concept of SSECR Junior’s Coffee/Tea and Talk:

Every month there is the opportunity for a zoom-meeting among SSECR Juniors (potential new members are always welcome to participate in an event to get familiar).The aim is to get in touch with each other in a relaxed atmosphere with coffee or tee and to connect Early Career Researchers in the field of early childhood research. The event takes place online on changing workdays at 1pm. Usually, we first split up in random groups of two to get to know each other in person (it is easier to communicate this way than in big groups). At 1:15pm there will be a short, creative presentation by one of us about a PhD- or work related project. At 1:30 there is the possibility to opt out and get back to work (since your mug will probably be empty by then) or keep discussing the project and other issues that you would like to talk about among peers. This discussion will be moderated (e.g. by a member of the organising committee). 

We are looking forward to chatting and drinking coffee or tee with you!

Save the dates:

  • Friday April 29th 2022
  • Monday Mai 30th 2022
  • Thursday June 30th 2022