Coffee/ Tea and Talk 

Online Meeting: Coffee/Tea and Talk

Our next coffee/tea & talk session will take place on Wednesday, May 31st at 13:00. Sonja Lorusso will present her research on “Exploring Peer Influences on Emotion Regulation in Pre-School Children Using Heart Rate Measurements”.


What role do peers play in preschoolers' emotion regulation? The development of emotional competence is one of the most important milestones in preschool and is in mutual influence with the social experiences of a child: The extent of emotion regulation influences a child's social skills, while their development relies on early socialization experiences (e.g., co-regulation). In the study of emotion regulation in childhood, parents and professionals were considered as interaction partners, but not peers, who also form an important part of the social experience space.

To examine whether differences in a child's emotion regulation can be shown as a function of emotion-related behaviors of a play partner, this study used Kenny & La Voie's (1984) Social Relations Model. Physiological measures (heart rate), video observations, and parent and playgroup leader questionnaires were used to measure emotion regulation. Approximately 100 Swiss playgroup children (2-5 years, data collection in progress) played in alternating dyads in semi-standardized play situations according to the Round Robin principle. As a reference, emotion knowledge and expression were recorded in individual tests. In order to map the influence on emotion regulation, the synchronicity of heart rates during the game situations should be mapped using wavelet coherence analyses. The results could be used in further research to identify and train effective peer influence strategies.


This will be the last session before the summer break! The next Coffee/Tea & Talk will take place in September in a new format. So stay tuned for more information!

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Concept of SSECR Junior’s Coffee/Tea and Talk:

Every month there is an opportunity for a zoom-meeting among SSECR Juniors. Potential new members are always welcome to participate in an event to get familiar. The aim is to connect with other early career researchers in the field of early childhood research in a relaxed atmosphere.The event takes place online on the last workday of each month at 1pm. Usually, we first split up into small groups for informal conversations.  At 1:15 pm there will be a short presentation by a junior (or sometimes senior) of the SSECR. At 1:30 there is the possibility to drop out of the session (since your mug will probably be empty by then) or to discuss the presentation. This discussion is moderated by a member of the orga-team.

We are looking forward to chatting and drinking coffee or tea with you!