Guidelines for Abstract Submission

Please submit your abstracts to the Conftool submission portal by 1st July, 2022

Who can submit an abstract?

We invite abstract submissions relating to any aspect and discipline of prenatal and early childhood research. Alongside established researchers, we welcome attendance and submissions from early career researchers who wish to engage with other researchers in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere.


Topics for submission are related to different aspects of prenatal and early childhood research like psychopathology, healthcare, cognitive development, social development, family-centered care, therapeutic interventions, etc.

Types of presentation

Oral presentations are followed by a discussion with the audience. The duration of each oral presentation is 10 minutes plus 5 minutes for questions and discussion.

Poster presentations are interactive and open, giving researchers the opportunity to visualize their work and opportunities for interaction and discussion. Research at its earlier stages as well as more advanced research is suitable for poster sessions.

Workshop/ Symposium involve a panel of presenters giving in-depth, state-of-the art lectures on a range of topics, including application of new knowledge into practical examples, clinical scenarios, etc. For the symposia, you can choose between a general topic, the neurocognitive symposium or the perinatal symposium. The duration for a workshop/symposium is 90 minutes.

Please use this workshop form to submit a workshop/symposium and upload it to Conftool.

Research in Practice involves projects that facilitate any aspect of clinical or practical intervention/innovation implementation, including, the factors affecting implementation, the processes of implementation, and the results of implementation. Research in Practice can also include well-conducted quality improvement projects.

Abstract details ·      

  • Abstracts should not exceed 250 words.
  • Abstract title, authors’ names, and affiliation are NOT included in the word count.

Submission guidelines

  •  Language: English (except for the Research in Practice sessions that can take place in one of the Swiss national language). The language of the abstract should reflect the language used for the presentation at the conference.
  • Title: Each word should begin with a capital letter except transition words. Please do not use abbreviations or accented letters.
  • Key words: select 3 - 5 key words which are relevant for your presentation.
  • Structure: every abstract must include: Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, and Conclusion.
  • When submitting an abstract, the author grants the organizers the right to publish the submission electronically or in printed form.

The same person may serve as presenting author on up to two abstracts.

The Scientific Committee of the Conference will review and select the abstracts to be presented at the conference. 

All presenters (including all speakers considered for a workshop) must register for the conference and pay the respective fees.